HP17z Laptop Full Review: Best Business Laptop In A Cheap Price

The HP 17z is one of the inexpensive laptops that doesn’t look or feel that way. Because of this, it looks good. Finding the best HP 17-inch laptop is a challenging task, though. There are many possibilities on the market, and HP is the industry’s shining star. It is challenging to decide when there are too many options to weigh. You could end up spending money and making costly mistakes due to this.

Specifications Of HP17z Laptop

Model Number17Z
Price in the USA$499
Dimensions (mm)240.00 x 272.00 x 24.00
ColorsBlack, Silver
Operating systemWindows 10
Resolution1600×900 pixels
Hard disk1TB
Wi-Fi standards supported802.11 ac
Bluetooth version4.2
Finger Print SensorNo
Number of USB Ports3
Multi Card SlotSD Card Reader
HDMI PortStandard
VGA PortYes
Headphone and Mic Combo JackYes
RJ45 (LAN)Yes
Mic InYes

Features of the HP 17z laptop

1. Display

This laptop’s 17.3-inch White LED-backlit screen makes for an excellent display. The screen has an HD+ resolution (1600 on 900). An HD+ display offers a middle-ground quality between an HD monitor and a Full HD screen. An HD+ display is thus preferred over an HD display. Unfortunately, it cannot match a full high-definition (FHD) display in terms of resolution. The display of the HP 17z has an SVA panel with an anti-glare coating.

The SVA panel and anti-glare coating provide a broader viewing angle and a less reflective screen. Depending on what best meets your needs, you can get this laptop with or without a touchscreen. There is little room between the screen’s border and it. An HD camera and digital microphone can be placed inside the top bezel due to its size. You can use your laptop to take screenshots; find out how to do it with an HP laptop here.

2. Battery life

A three-cell, 41 Wh Li-ion battery powers the HP 17z. HP claims this battery will provide up to 8 hours of battery life. You can complete the day’s work without often recharging the battery thanks to the 8 hours of battery life. We must, however, confirm this HP’s assertion. We’ll look at several battery tests conducted by to help us do that. According to the test, the laptop could browse the internet nonstop for 4 hours and 52 minutes. Unfortunately, the laptop used for the test’s battery life falls short of HP’s claim. However, let’s compare it to other laptops before I make my final judgment regarding the battery.

As a result, our test model performed worse than the HP Pavilion Laptop – 15t. This is due to the HP Pavilion’s 9 hours 30-minute battery life in the same test. In conclusion, the HP 17z underperformed in terms of battery life compared to one of its competitors and fell short of HP’s claim. I will give it a seven out of ten in this part dedicated to battery life.

3. Graphics Card Performance

This HP laptop has an AMD Radeon Vega 8 graphics card built in. The maximum frequency for the graphics card is 1200 MHz. The AMD Radeon Vega 8 is an integrated graphics card. Therefore it might need help to handle graphics-intensive activities with ease. However, when you play contemporary games on medium settings, you will get some playable frame rates. For instance, Far Cry 5 (2018) at 16 frames per second on medium settings should run smoothly on this laptop.

Additionally, in a medium setting, it should be competent to play Shadow of the Tomb Raider at 12 frames per second. I will also share the 3DMark benchmark score for this laptop. A test program called 3D Mark evaluates how well a computer’s graphics card performs 3D rendering.

Additionally, it is essential to note that a laptop’s performance improves with a higher score. As a result, the HP 17z achieved a benchmark score of 3871. The laptop scored impressively higher than the 3429 median scores. The HP 470 G7 performed better than that, earning 2360 points on the same test. In the 3DMark test, the ASUS VivoBook 17 M712 scored 1878 points.

4. Memory (RAM) Performance

This laptop has a DDR4 SDRAM with a 2400MHz operating speed. It features a maximum memory capacity of 16 GB and a standard memory capacity of 12 GB. DDR4 memory outperforms other memory types in terms of speed and bandwidth. So, after reading that brief explanation, you should have a good understanding of how quickly this laptop can access memory.

Knowing that the HP 17z features two memory slots with removable RAM may please you. So it is possible to increase the RAM up to 16 GB. This laptop can handle heavy multitasking with 12 GB of RAM, and 16 GB of RAM makes things much better. The HP 17z laptop should be competent to operate 25 Chrome browser tabs at once, thanks to its 12 GB of RAM.

Three of these browser tabs can be used to stream YouTube videos without experiencing lag. I’ll share the PC Mark 10 test result with you so you can better appreciate how well the RAM performs. A benchmark called PC Mark 10 evaluates a computer’s memory efficiency using practical applications.

5. Processor (CPU) performance

The AMD Ryzen 5 3500U processor in this laptop is strong. The minimum frequency of this processor, which has four cores, is 2.10 GHz. In addition, the processor has a 4 MB cache and a maximum frequency of 3.70 GHz. Thanks to its four cores, this laptop’s processor can easily handle numerous tasks at once.

However, I’ll share the CineBench R15 test result with you so you may be sure of this processor’s capabilities. A test tool that gauges a computer’s processor’s performance is called Cinebench R15. The Cinebench exam, meanwhile, is divided into two sections. The single-core test, which utilizes just one processor core, is the initial stage of the test. The second portion is the multi-core test, which utilizes all the CPU cores.

6. Keyboard

Please continue to the deck where the keyboard is located. Despite having plastic keys, the keyboard is sturdy. The keys have little feedback and limited essential travel when being typed on. Some users want shorter essential travel for greater accuracy and speed, while others favor more extended essential travel. So, the HP 17z is an excellent option if you like laptops with shallow keys. They could disturb you with their loud clicking noise when typing. Essential travel on a computer keyboard is the depth that a key must be depressed before it is acknowledged as having been pressed.

7. Touchpad

Further below the very end of the keyboard is where you’ll find the touchpad. With dimensions of 11.5 x 5.0 cm, this touchpad is more significant than those seen on regular computers. The HP 17z’s touchpad, meanwhile, offers precise upward cursor movement. However, there is some resistance when attempting to shift the cursor to the side. This touchpad also supports simultaneous multi-touch operations with up to four fingers. The touchpad can recognize when a palm is resting on it. In particular, palm detection helps the touchpad distinguish between accidental touches from the palm and touches made by the fingers when typing. On your Chromebook, you may quickly split the screen using various methods.

8. Size and Weight

Let’s discuss the laptop’s size and weight next. The HP 17z weighs 2553.7 g and has dimensions of 414.7 x 272.2 x 24.3 mm. The HP 17z is larger and slimmer than HP’s other 17-inch laptop, the ENVY 17, but it is also more portable. The HP ENVY 17 has accurate measurements of 399 x 259 x 19.3 mm and weighs 2780 g. (W x D x H). Despite being lighter than the rival model I compared, the HP 17z is still a large laptop. It might be a hassle to lug it in a backpack for a while.


  • Affordable Price
  • Attractive style
  • Massive screen
  • There are many inputs and outputs.


  • Inferior graphics card
  • Made entirely out of plastic
  • Heavy

What qualities should a 17-inch HP laptop have?

1. Versatility:

A trustworthy HP 17-inch laptop needs to be adaptable. It needs to work with a variety of materials and surfaces.

2. Design:

Its design must be ergonomically sound to prevent discomfort from long-term use.

3. Durability:

It must be durable enough to withstand repeated use without breaking or wearing out.

4. Simple to Maintain:

You should be able to easily clean the HP 17-inch laptop to get rid of the dirt and dust that will unavoidably build up over time.

5. Affordability:

A top-notch HP 17-inch laptop should be relatively inexpensive.

6. Effortless Use:

It must be simple to use.

7. Lengthy life span:

It must last long for you to benefit from it for many years.

8. Materials:

The HP 17-inch laptop should be made of durable, rust- and corrosion-resistant materials.


The HP 17z is an excellent laptop for people who demand the finest. It is highly adaptable and has one of the most extended battery lives ever recorded in a laptop. What more do you require? Like its predecessors, touchscreen functionality would be superb. However, that is all the information you will require. The HP 17z is the best laptop you can obtain if money is limited.

FAQs About HP 17z

1. What is the HP 17z-capacity p100 for RAM expansion?

Ans: The HP 17z-p100 laptop can have up to 16GB of RAM loaded.

2. How do I set my HP display to 1920 x 1080 at 60 Hz?

Ans: Choose Display settings or Screen resolution from the menu that opens by right-clicking the desktop. Choose the appropriate resolution from the Resolution option and click Keep changes, OK, or Apply to preserve the changes.

3. What is a laptop 17z?

Ans: The HP 17z’s 17.3-inch screen is significantly larger than rival laptops. This laptop is competitively priced and comes with some practical ports. The laptop’s lid is made of a readily shattered material.

4. What is the price of a new HP laptop battery?

Ans: The price of laptop battery goods will range from 1,500 to 3,025 from October 21 to September 22. The indicative values are based on things that are often bought.

5. The HP 17.3’s touch screen is it?

Ans: Display with a 17.3″ touch screen and Brightview HD+ (1600 x 900) resolution. The numeric keypad is on a full-size keyboard. Dual array digital microphones and an integrated True Vision 720p HD camera. Windows 11 Home from Microsoft (64-bit) 

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