35 Best Putlocker Alternatives To Watch Movies Online in 2023

Putlocker is a database of TV episodes and films that allows you to find and watch content online. After the original site in the UK was shut down, multiple mirror sites with the name Putlocker appeared all over the internet. Learn about the basics of using Putlocker, as well as important safety and legal considerations, in this article.

Is it legal to use Putlocker?

Streaming pirated content is permitted in countries such as Canada and Switzerland. However, hosting pirated content there is still illegal. However, because Putlocker is only an index site and does not host any videos, it is difficult to dismiss it. And if you illegally download TV programs, the legal burden would fall on the site that hosts the show.

Watching pirated content in several countries, including the United States and the European Union, is unlawful. In this instance, the end user is also liable to legal action. This implies that visiting any website while in these countries is only advised if you are sufficiently capable of masking your internet presence.

Putlocker, on the other hand, can take advantage of legal loopholes. Because they do not host files on their servers, they may be legal in countries with laxer piracy laws. You won’t have any problems viewing Putlocker websites from anywhere worldwide if you have appropriate protection to conceal your genuine identity.

Is Putlocker safe to use?

If you remember to follow these rules, you should be safe when using Putlocker: Avoid clicking on any of the popup advertisements. Stop the frequently forced redirections. Never, ever, ever download anything from these websites.

If these principles are followed, it will be easier for the average user to navigate a Putlocker site safely. Even if you accidentally click on one of the popups or redirected sites, malware will be downloaded onto your device before you can do anything. In most circumstances, you will be unaware of the concealed download procedure.

Website hosts can also see your IP address and other information about you, such as your location. Because we need to know who is hosting these sites, our personal information may be misused. To ensure your safety, we recommend using security tools such as VPNs and ad blockers before accessing Putlocker websites.

Is it risky to utilize Putlocker?

As you might have surmised from the information above, utilizing Putlocker with the proper safety precautions is safe. When it comes to the internet, people frequently overlook the dangers of illegal streaming. This is true for all streaming services, not just Putlocker. Remember that unauthorized streaming is widespread worldwide and incredibly risky for individuals.

It becomes even riskier when an individual utilizes an organization’s system to broadcast unlawfully. According to MUSO research, France had up to 10.5 billion unauthorized streams in 2017. This made them the leaders in illegal streaming, with Germany and the United Kingdom close behind.

People frequently stream illegally since they do not want to pay a subscription fee. Streaming without paying, on the other hand, has a cost. Putlocker and other illicit streaming services, for example, sometimes insert deceptive advertisements on their platforms. When you click on these adverts, they can infect your computer.

You can also expose your device to Trojans, ransomware, crypto mining, infections, adware, botnets, and other malicious software. When an individual uses an organization’s computer to visit an unlawful streaming site, the risk is multiplied. This is due to the fact that organizations are more appealing to hackers than individuals.

Fraudsters utilize a variety of methods to hijack your device via unlawful streaming sites. They can infect your device and cause it to malfunction. As a result, before utilizing Putlocker or other unauthorized streaming sites, you should take the necessary precautions.

Is Putlocker free of viruses?

As you are aware, watching films on Putlocker can expose you to malware and virus dangers. As a result, you must have effective methods of preventing malware from infiltrating your device. Malware can still penetrate your device if you use services like Putlocker, even if it is legal in your country. VPN is one of the finest ways to safeguard your device from misuse.

A VPN can assist you in remaining anonymous on the internet and becoming unnoticed by authorities. A VPN would block malvertising, Trojans, crypto mining, botnets, and other malware. A solid VPN would significantly improve your digital security and privacy while allowing you to stream on any website. It also safeguards your entire browser session and system.

1. 123Movies


Many streaming services like Putlocker are on the market, but only a few can be considered safe and reputable. 123Movies is a well-known international streaming website focusing on entertainment and people’s safety and comfort.

Is this website up to date with the latest films and television shows? That is all you could want from a fantastic streaming website. It is well-known for providing an extensive index list of films and TV shows.
It also has well-categorized areas where you can quickly seek new information. You can narrow your search using numerous variables, such as previous additional, release year, and number of views.

2. Megashare


This is considered one of the most convenient and straightforward online streaming alternatives. Megashare features an easy-to-use interface, a large customer base, and an extensive library to offer you. Use it for free to watch films and TV series; no registration is required. Depending on your internet connection speed, you can also watch films of varying quality. It also prints in HD quality. The installation of subtitles is another popular feature of the great website.

3. Popcornflix


Popcornflix allows you to watch your favorite movie. It has been on the market for quite some time and is seen as a viable alternative to Putlocker. Its library is mainly made up of classic and vintage films, but you can still watch its most recent videos. Popcornflix does not require registering or creating an account to watch your favorite films. It also includes free movie streaming services such

4. Popcorn Time


Popcorn Time is a famous and well-known streaming service like Netflix and Prime Video. This website allows you to watch TV episodes and films. You could even use it to get your favorite flicks. Popcorn Time’s interface differs slightly from Putlocker’s, but it remains one of the top Putlocker options for watching free films and TV episodes. To watch films using Popcorn Time, you must first download its software. The software is quite simple to install on a variety of devices. After you’ve installed the software, you can search for and play your favorite movie.

5. Tubi


Tubi has been in existence since 2014. It is a well-known streaming service that provides users access to hundreds of free films and TV episodes. Because of its enormous catalog, it has become a household name in the industry. The platform, in particular, does not require registration and is not very friendly to VPNs – although VPN split tunneling will operate. Notably, Tubi TV is an American-based service only available to United States residents due to licensing and geographical constraints. Nonetheless, you can access it outside the United States using a VPN.

6. Crackle


Crackle is a good Putlocker alternative because it has acquired thousands of new titles for viewers to watch and the number is constantly growing. There is also a companion app available for mobile use. The platform serves thousands of monthly customers who, at a rate of five, are irritated by our irritating ad meter.

You do not need to register to utilize this site, but every VPN will not allow you to view its material because it has an active VPN-blocking mechanism. If you ever need to unblock Crackle outside the US, reputable solutions like ExpressVPN or Surfshark can help. Furthermore, if you like Couchtuner, you’ll be pleased to know it’s one of the best Couchtuner alternatives.

7. Fmovies


Fmovies is a favorite among many internet users because the most recent content is available here much faster than on most other sites. The catalog includes genres, release dates, countries, and popularity. You can even request that the site hunt for and make available a specific movie. It also offers a plethora of different URLs that will redirect you to the leading site. Despite having a high ad irritation rating, it requires no registration and works well with VPNs. If you require further options, there are other friendly Fmovies site alternatives to consider.

8. Vudu


Vudu is a VOD (Video on Demand) streaming service that provides thousands of customers access to films and television series. The user interface and navigation are excellent. The site receives 450k visits monthly and requires creating a free account. It is not VPN-compatible. If Vudu is unavailable where you are, a virtual private network (VPN) can help you access it immediately.

9. IMDb TV


IMDb TV, known as Freevee, provides films, TV series, documentaries, and unique IMDb shows. This site is currently managed by Amazon. It evolved from the original Internet Movie Database (IMDb), itself a fan project. Unfortunately, its monthly viewership is only 60k people, its ads annoy five out of ten people, it requires an Amazon account, and you need a VPN to access FreeVee (FKA: IMDb TV) outside the US. Still, a worthy option that allows people to enjoy their favorite content in the same way that Putlocker did.

10. SolarMovie


Because of its accuracy, SolarMovie offers the most outstanding search tool among the top Putlocker alternatives on this list. It also takes requests for titles that are currently unavailable. The foreign area is quite intriguing because it contains much Asian content. There is no sign-up needed, and it is compatible with virtual private networks. This site is also accessible via and You can also experiment with its alternatives if you desire.

11. GoMovies


GoMovies has a basic style, so people who prefer to avoid complexity will feel right at home. Minimalism extends to advertising, so it’s not only an aesthetic choice; it improves your viewing experience, especially when switching between films. Its commercial annoyance is a perfect two. The platform serves around 500,000 users per month, requires no registration, and works flawlessly with VPNs.

12. MoviesJoy


Website titles rarely capture the experience of a website, but MoviesJoy makes it a pleasure for its users to enjoy top TV shows and blockbusters. The HD option means a high-quality stream.The advertising on the MoviesJoy website is limited, as is the associated aggravation. We rate it a five out of five for ad irritation. There is no sign-up needed, and it is compatible with virtual private networks.

13. PeacockTV

peacock tv

PeacockTV is a new streaming service. It’s unique because a group of hackers or media experts didn’t put it together. However, it is the free streaming platform supported by NBC’s corporate backers.

14. Yesmovies


Yesmovies is yet another excellent resource for free online movie streaming. This website is frequently one of the first to add a recent popular film to its online streaming service. Each TV show is recorded by its season, and you may choose any series you wish to watch with a single click. This website is ideal for those binge-watchers who can’t stop watching after just one episode.

15. Watch Online Series

Watch Online Series

Are you a TV series fan with many shows planned but just a few streaming services to satisfy your entertainment needs? This website contains everything from horror thrillers to romantic comedies. Most TV shows are available in high definition, and each installment includes at least two mirrors. Use an ad blocker if you must, but otherwise this is a fantastic service for streaming your episodes on Putlocker. This streaming service is also free.

16. Film Rise

Film Rise

Film Rise, like Putlockers, is a fantastic free film streaming website. You can search for TV shows and films by category on this website. You can filter and sift through films based on your preferences. Movies from the Featured, Reality, Classic, New Releases, and Documentary categories tend to get the largest audiences. Before watching movies or TV series, you must install the app.

17. Rainierland


In terms of both number and quality, Rainierland’s content is legendary. The trending films are featured on this site’s site, so you don’t have to miss out on the most current hits of the movie business.

18. Movie4u


Movie4u is another free online streaming service to view films and TV series from all genres and eras. The site interface is simple and easy to use when looking for your favorite shows and films. If you browse down the webpage, you’ll find a genre- and year-based list. Look for films using the search bar option at the top of their website.

19. AZMovies


It is yet another excellent option for all streaming enthusiasts. It offers sections ranging from features to genre to year to TV series, making it easier for the user to choose from if they’re reliant on the website for something exciting and don’t have a choice.

20. Los Movies

los movies

Los Movies features a massive range of films and television series of various genres. You may easily search for videos by title using the search engine. Look for hot films or subtitled films.

21. Primewire


Because of its enormous catalog and careful selection of genres, Primewire stands out among sites like Putlocker, making it a potential favorite for entertainment lovers. This website’s collection includes IMDb ratings and everyday items (release date, addition date, country, and so on). Every month, over 163k people utilize Primewire; the ad annoyance factor is five. It is compatible with virtual private networks (VPNs), and sign-up is unnecessary. Fortunately, some Primewire alternatives exist to access the site via Primewire. Show,, and prime wire.

22. YouTube


Didn’t you expect to see YouTube on this list? You may find hundreds of free films on YouTube from a wide range of genres and nations. While YouTube needs no introduction, we’ll remind you there is no need to register (though you can create an account if you want). Ads on YouTube can be as annoying as those on other streaming platforms, but there are several methods to avoid them.

YouTube Premium is a paid subscription that removes commercials, among other benefits. Still, if you want to avoid paying, numerous internet instructions show how to remove YouTube ads. Ad irritation is a 5; it has over 2 billion monthly users (still a tiny number for the world’s top video platform), requires no registration, and works with VPNs.

23. Yidio


Yidio is a unique Putlocker secure alternative. This website consolidates all of the content available on the web’s top streaming services into a single centralized list. It’s more of a search engine than a viewing platform, so it’ll direct you to the website hosting the movie or TV show you want to watch. It has 63k monthly views, requires an account, and is incompatible with VPNs. However, reputable providers such as NordVPN and ExpressVPN operate without incident.

24. Afdah


Afdah will not provide you with the specific categorized information you are used to seeing on other websites. Instead, you will be presented with a list of top choices organized as thumbnails. However, you can still use the site’s search bar for films and TV shows. Review the Most Viewed, Recent Movies, Years, and Genre sections. Afdah’s quality is also a plus, as every broadcast is at least 720p and is updated to full HD as soon as feasible.

25. Vumoo


Vumoo offers a viewer-approved interface, a user-friendly website, and fewer annoying popups. Therefore, it earns a four for ad distraction. The website does not require registration and is compatible with VPNs. Vumoo. Space and vumoo—cc are two examples of its subdomains.

26. 5movies


On the surface, 5movies appears similar to many other great Putlocker alternative sites. However, its minimal ad policy, one of the most annoying issues for users, distinguishes it from the competition. Every time you click here, you won’t be bombarded with popups. This means you won’t have to waste time minimising distractions in order to watch the film you’ve chosen.

Another nice aspect is the proper classification of titles, which makes finding what you’re looking for simple and quick. It has a 2 on the ad-annoyance scale, has 28,000 active monthly users, is compatible with virtual private networks, and has no sign-up process. is the site’s alternative URL.


Popups appear on this website but less frequently than on similar sites. Because of this, it has become a popular alternative to Putlocker among couch potatoes. The homepage features HD movies and more movie information than most other websites. Movies123 receives an excellent two for ad irritation. There are over 153,000 monthly users because the site doesn’t require signup and is compatible with virtual private networks.

28. WatchTVSeries


If you prefer TV shows over movies, WatchTVSeries is an excellent Putlocker substitute. You can search for a series based on the TV network it aired on and the most recent or future episodes. Ad annoyance is a six; it has 20k unique monthly visitors, requires no account, and is VPN-friendly.

29. MovieWatcher

Movie Watcher

The design of MovieWatcher is so smooth and precise that it makes searching for material a pleasurable experience. The Most Popular area will show you which films and TV shows are popular. Ad irritation is at a six; it only serves 8.2k monthly customers, requires no account, and is VPN-friendly.

30. Couchtuner


Couchtuner is another popular movie streaming service with all the most recent films and comedies in its library. The website’s near-perfect interface and overall availability make it one of the most effective alternatives to Putlcoker. Consumers prefer alternative movie streaming websites over Couchtuner because of the intrusive advertisements they must endure while streaming. Ads appear on every click, which is aggravating.

31. Soap2day


Do you want to watch the best television shows for free? Then Soap2day is the place to be. However, access to TV channels is one of the many benefits of this website. It’s also a great place to watch films. As a result, it consolidates all of your favorite stuff under one roof. As a result, it has one of the most significant tourist figures. It’s a great alternative to Putlocker that provides the same high-quality video streaming.

As a free site, Soap2day is supported by advertisements, so that you will encounter several popups and banners. You’ll get used to them quickly, though, because their massive selection of information will keep you busy. This website precisely categorizes everything from TV classics to the latest theatre successes. It’s also a terrific forum for sports enthusiasts, with a dedicated sports section.

32. Myflixer


Myflixer is one of the most prominent sites on which most netizens rely for free content. This video streaming site is great for watching films and TV series. The selection on this page will astound you. Its library contains thousands of titles and is constantly growing, making it an excellent substitute for Putlocker. You can watch nonstop for days on this service.

Because the number of features is limited, it is a simple platform with no unnecessary frills. This website also has dependable streaming performance. However, the platform’s simplicity makes it passive, though this does not affect the site’s or mobile platform’s performance, which is fantastic!

33. Bflix


Bflix is the ideal place to access a massive collection of movies, TV shows, animations, web series, and more on one platform. This Putlocker alternative is a favorite of netizens who enjoy streaming video content. The streaming procedure is quick. Most people regard this as a trustworthy platform for gaining free access to the best entertainment in the form of high-quality videos.

The videos on Netflix are arranged into distinct categories. You will find them organized by country name, release year, alphabetical order, IMDb rating, and more, making it easy for all users to find the films they want. This allows you to watch your favorite material more than search for it. It’s simple to use and provides several servers for smooth streaming.

34. Noxx


One of the greatest alternatives to Putlocker is Noxx, which is also a great portal dedicated to providing TV episodes and online series. It is an online video platform from the AZMovies stable that provides access to a vast library of high-quality videos. The main issue with this website is categorizing the shows and web series.

It’s a newcomer to the video streaming scene, so there’s lots of space for growth. Fortunately, it is catching on quickly. It ensures that all gaps are filled with an easy-to-use search engine. It also ensures that the episode sequence is not disturbed while watching series and programs. This platform also provides the most recent content. It provides a comprehensive entertainment experience.

35. Flixtor


Flixtor is an IPTV service, and there is a good likelihood that it is illegal in your country. Even though you get an enormous content library, the advertising and obtrusive redirects make using this website extremely difficult for users. Given the nature of the service, you are strongly advised to utilize a trustworthy VPN to avoid potential dangers when streaming. Furthermore, using an ad-blocker will undoubtedly improve your overall Flixtor streaming experience.


As a movie enthusiast, it seems sense that you would long for unlimited access to your favourite films online. By offering us a lot of the content we want for free, Putlocker has spoilt a lot of us. However, Putlocker’s legality might be contested depending on where you live. Nevertheless, as you’ve seen in this article, there are a tonne of excellent Putlocker substitutes that you can use to watch the movies you want as soon as possible. On the other hand, the question of safety is distinct.

Some of the websites on this list are legitimate in that businesses built and maintain them. On the other hand, a large number of other websites are managed by private businesses hoping to make money off of your traffic. They accomplish this by installing malware on your devices, tracking your online activity, and inserting cookies in your browsers.

Keep in mind that nothing in life is free, including access to websites that broadcast video. If they give you the films and TV series you like without charging you, they are monetizing you in some way, which could put your privacy in danger. The good news is that any of the three VPN services mentioned above will shield you from any dubious activity you may discover on the aforementioned Putlocker alternatives and websites. You may access the content you want without endangering your identity and for simply a few dollars, depending on the VPN company you use.

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