28 Best WatchCartoonOnline Alternatives Watch Free Cartoons Online In 2023

Animated shows are the umbrella term for cartoons. They’ve won over listeners of all generations. While most animated features are aimed squarely at kiddies, there has been a recent uptick in the number of cartoons aimed squarely at adults. Nowadays, everyone watches a cartoon or TV show based on a comic book character. More and more people are trying to catch up on the animated shows that originated their favorite characters. Can we count you among them? Here is a short list of resources to get your online cartoon fix.

Can I legally stream cartoons on my tv?

Streaming cartoons or animated programs for private, non-commercial purposes is perfectly lawful, whether you’re watching alone or with friends or family. The essential requirement for legality is that the work has been disseminated in the past, i.e., made available to the public with the approval of the creator; in the case of popular cartoons/animated series, permission to disseminate the work was likely released.

Can I legally download videos from YouTube?

Due in large part to YouTube’s copyright regulations, the discussion of downloading YouTube videos is lengthy and complex. YouTube prioritizes the safety of all user-uploaded content. Once a video is uploaded to YouTube, it is heavily protected from being copied; if a user illegally downloads a video to upload it elsewhere, the video may be deleted. On the other hand, YouTube creators can lawfully save copies of their videos to watch offline. If we own the content’s rights, downloading it is permitted under the Copyright and Related Rights Act.

Will watching cartoons harm my child?

Cartoons provide children with the building blocks they need to flourish in all areas of their personalities, including the cognitive, emotional, social, and behavioral domains. As a result, exposing a child to cartoons online can be beneficial in many ways, including expanding their vocabulary, exposure to different colors, and behavioral patterns.

Will watching cartoons harm my child? Cartoons can have both beneficial and harmful effects on a child’s growth and development. The two most important factors are what the child is watching and how much time he spends in front of the television.

1. Boomerang

Boomerang is another well-known platform for streaming animated shorts online; it stands out thanks to its attractive and user-friendly interface and its capacity to deliver the most recent episodes of the many different types of cartoons it hosts. The best cartoon network of all time is Boomerang. It’s worth noting that creating an account on the website is optional.

2. Crunchyroll


Crunchyroll is among the most popular places to watch anime and other Eastern pop culture online. It gives people access to internet animations, Korean dramas, and manga. As one of the most well-known anime sites, Crunchyroll secured the rights to adapt several well-known titles and other popular comic books. It’s also a real-time video streaming service that shows Japanese dramas and anime. The new cartoons are simulated on the same day they debut on TV, which is a significant plus. Also, as of late, you can get it for free from the Nintendo eShop or the Nintendo website.

3. YouTube

Youtube kids

Everything from short films to complete television series to documentaries can be found on YouTube. Many episodes of the most popular cartoons are available online for free at YouTube Kids, which is an excellent resource for parents looking for educational content for their kids. They can watch kid-friendly cartoons without fear of inappropriate content. You can restrict your child’s access to certain features, such as live chat, purchasing, commenting, and uploading material.

4. ToonJet


ToonJet is a premium internet cartoon streaming service that doesn’t cost a dime. Use the search bar to locate your desired movie or show, and then sit back and enjoy the show. You may watch classic cartoons here that you might not be able to find elsewhere without having to sign up. Another place online to watch videos from the popular video-sharing platform.

5. Cartoonson


Another place to get your free cartoon fix is Cartoonson. This is a top-notch option for your young ones. There is no need to sign up in advance to see the many entertaining and instructive cartoons or fairy tales tailored to youngsters in the preschool age range. New cartoons are constantly being added, and you can also watch classics from years past. This site is responsive on both desktop and mobile devices.

6. Kiss Cartoon

Kiss cartoon

If you want to watch cartoons online without spending any money, Kiss Cartoon is a great option. You can sort cartoons by how well-known they are. The Kiss Cartoon website features a wide selection of animated series across many different genres, such as action, history, and music. When you hover over the name of a cartoon, a window appears with some brief information and the cover art for that cartoon. You can join at no cost at all.

7. Nickelodeon


Nick is the shortened form of Nickelodeon, a worldwide children’s television network. The Nickelodeon website is extremely popular with young children due to the abundance of high-quality, free cartoons. This station has been around for a while, but it’s gained a lot of viewers ever since it started showing original cartoons in the ’90s. The network airs films created in-house as well. The channel’s nighttime show also saw significant growth in viewership. The channel’s gaming periodicals and events also attract a large audience.

8. Cartoon Network

Cartoon network

To watch cartoons online at no cost and in a user-friendly format, check out Cartoon Network. The introduction of this channel was exciting for children of all ages, and it is not an old one. The design of the Cartoon Network website is sleek and user-friendly. Cartoon Network is one of the most significant places to watch cartoons online without spending a dime, and it even has a mobile app that you can put on your device and start watching on the go. In addition, it features a discussion board where manga and anime enthusiasts can share their thoughts. The free edition contains most of the content, making it suitable for watching hundreds of anime episodes in either standard or high definition.

9. GogoAnime


GogoAnime is a fantastic website where you can watch the best cartoons online without spending money. You can also watch the best anime dubbed on Android devices. The site’s interface is well-designed, making it simple to use, and finding the desired cartoons is a breeze thanks to a regularly updated list of the most popular series. Additionally, you can narrow your search for animation by selecting a specific genre, such as comedy, action, drama, or crime.

10. Watch Cartoon Online


Watch Cartoon Online is the place to see the latest episodes of your favorite anime series or watch some cartoons for free. The portal offers a wide selection of popular animated shows. Standard cartoon fare such as Dungeons & Dragons, SWAT Kats, CatDog, and Buzz Lightyear of Star Command may be available. The site has a fantastic design and easy-to-use navigation. It includes a list of accessible popular titles to watch cartoons online and many other entertainment programs for young ones. In addition, native English speakers can find subbed and dubbed versions of the anime mentioned above masterpieces on Watch Cartoon Online.


watchcartoononline bz

Despite sharing a name, and the aforementioned website are diametrically opposed. If you’re seeking for a free location to watch cartoons online, there are lots of options to no-cost cartoon website has an easy-to-navigate layout, with separate tabs for each category. Users can browse content by year, status, popularity, type, and more. is a fantastic resource for parents looking for appropriate cartoons for their children. Every video is categorized by age (from TV-Y to TV-MA) and includes a plot summary. There are no sign-up requirements or distracting advertisements on is a good choice if you value convenience and ease of use while watching cartoons online.If you’re having trouble viewing a video on this page, disabling any ad blocker addons in your browser may help.

12. Kimcartoon


When it came to anime and cartoons, Kisscartoon was the place to go online. Unfortunately, it was forced to close its doors a number of years ago. After its demise, various streaming websites sprang under the Kisscartoon domain, although many users reported encountering fake sites. We suggest Kimcartoon for the most devoted Kisscartoon users. The people who ran the previous site also ran this one, which was just rebranded. That is one of many factors in our decision to work with Kimcartoon, though.

There is a wealth of cartoons available on this website. Find the cartoon you’re looking for quickly with the site’s search bar, sort results by alphabet, popularity, status, and genre, and learn about the hottest new cartoon flicks and TV shows. There, you can watch videos in HD (at least 720p). Kimcartoon has some commercials and pop-ups; sometimes, it takes a bit for cartoons to load.

13. Cartoon Crazy


With over 3000 cartoon series available, viewers can find most of their desired cartoons on Cartoon Crazy. Meanwhile, Cartoon Carzy is where you want to go if you want to find the best places to watch anime online. You can search for specific categories of cartoons, such as Children’s, Comedy, Action, Fantasy, and so on, by browsing the Cartoon List or Anime Dubbed sections or by using the Genre classification. You can follow the most up-to-date information by revisiting the site anytime. Users may occasionally experience sluggish loading times due to multiple servers or networks. If you run into an issue, try refreshing the page. Kodi users can also access the Cartoon Crazy addon through a legitimate repository.

14. Wcostream


Wcostream, formerly known as WatchCartoonOnline, is the best place to watch cartoons online without having to pay a dime. The user interface is modern and straightforward, making searching for and finding a cartoon or film quick and simple. Wcostream isn’t only for kids’ shows; it’s also a great place for anime enthusiasts to watch their favorite shows in either the original Japanese or a localized English dub. Wcostream also boasts a relatively quick loading time. If a video doesn’t play, try removing the Adblock addon for this page.

15. Supercartoons


Share with me the name of your all-time favourite children’s cartoon.There are always new animated features to look forward to, but sometimes all it takes to feel like a kid again is to watch one of the old favorites. If you’re looking for classic cartoons from your youth, look no further than Supercartoons. You may watch over a thousand vintage cartoons on this site. Supercartoon may have a pleasant surprise in store for nostalgic viewers.

16. WB Kids


WB Kids is the official Warner Bros. Kids YouTube channel. You can flip through a wide selection of cartoons; everything you see is legal to watch. Many Scooby-Doo, Tom & Jerry, and Looney Tunes clips are available. The length of the videos varies, with the shortest being around three minutes and the longest around twenty. In addition to cartoons, the channel frequently includes teasers for upcoming Warner Bros. films.

17. SpongeBobs SquarePants Official

spongebob squarepants

In related news, SpongeBob also has a dedicated channel on YouTube. From Thursday through Sunday, it updates with new SpongeBob-related videos every day. New content featuring the show’s namesake character is also available on the channel, in addition to fan favorites seen on the official Nickelodeon channel. All of the videos are legal and without cost.

18. DC Kids

Dc kids

DC Kids is a legitimate YouTube channel that parents can feel safe exposing their children to. You may see it without spending a dime, thanks to YouTube. The station’s name gives it away: it broadcasts Teen Titans Go! and any other DC-related show you can think of. And most of the big superhumans as well. The Justice League’s Big Three—Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman—appear in many media.

DC Kids offers a wide variety of animated shows. They’re aimed at a younger audience, so the jokes and scenarios won’t be as adult as those in SpongeBob, but that has yet to stop the latter from being a Saturday morning fixture. And if you’re looking for more mature cartoon content, you can always check out Netflix or one of the other streaming services.

19. 4Anime


After many years of using several online anime streaming services, we have settled on 4Anime as the finest substitute for WatchCartoonOnline. It’s speedy and has a wide variety of shows available. You don’t need to join up as on other sites; enter the title of the show you want to watch, and off you go! There are no advertisements or advertising banners cluttering up the website’s interface. You might have to watch an ad or two while streaming, but they could be more manageable. 4anime is a free anime streaming website that relies on advertising revenue.

It’s important to note that the developers thankfully limited the number of times these ads appeared.The site’s success has resulted in a fundraising effort by its administrators. You can see the exact amount they are making at the bottom of the homepage, so there’s no mystery. Because of the manual updating, the numbers may only update twice or three times every week. An up-to-date list of new anime is always available on the homepage under the “Recently added” tab. In addition, you may use the site’s “Popular This Week” list to stay abreast of the most talked about programs.

20. CartoonCrazy



You may watch various animated shows, including anime and cartoons, on the mobile-friendly website CartoonCrazy. It’s more streamlined than 4Anime’s interface, but the site nevertheless manages to give off its distinct feel. The homepage’s background features some of your favorite anime characters, and over to the right, CartoonCrazy suggests two shows they think you’ll enjoy. The website provides an extensive anime/cartoon library, including current and archived episodes of popular series for fans of both new and classic animation.

The app may be downloaded for easy access, allowing you to watch your favorite shows with a single tap. Those who enjoy watching dubbed anime are also encouraged to download the app. The app is just as easy to use as their website. The episodes are streamed in HD quality, with resolution adjustments available for weaker connections. However, there is a minor problem with the site as a whole, and it has nothing to do with the caliber of their writing. There have been many changes to the domain name over the years. Maintain vigilance in that regard.

21. Disney Junior


The brand Disney Junior is instantly recognizable, and this is why so many parents frequently visit the site with their children. Where the magic begins is the site’s clever slogan. There’s thrill and excitement in those four little letters. Disney Junior offers more than just videos; it also has games and activities that kids can enjoy. It’s a fun and educational website for kids. All of the videos are available without charge and in high definition. The layout and color scheme of kid-friendly websites first draws them in. All of these things set it apart from other sites of its kind. You can go to your shows quickly and easily on this site.

22. AnimePahe


AnimePahe’s simplicity is one of its best features. The latest episodes added to the site are displayed as thumbnails on the front page. Regarding responsiveness, design, and general vibe, the website is on par with Crunchyroll, thanks to its streamlined user interface. There are no commercials on the homepage, but once you click the video, you’ll be bombarded with them. However, considering the free high-definition content you’re receiving, it’s a small price. The adverts on AnimePahe are safe so long as you don’t click on any suspicious links, according to a disclaimer at the site’s footer.

You can contribute whatever you’d like to the site’s upkeep. Budgeted items include a better website and upgraded videos for your viewing pleasure. Both subtitled and dubbed episodes can be found here, and the user-friendly layout of the main page makes finding what you’re looking for a breeze. You can join their Discord server if you want to contact the moderators and give them some suggestions. It’s also a fantastic location to meet people who share your interests.

23. Crackle


Crackle has quite an effect, what with its millions of regular users. Its massive collection of cartoons and anime, which anyone with an internet connection can view, has attracted a dedicated following. The website has everything you might want, whether you’re seeking classic cartoons or want to go out and try something new. Crackle is a user-friendly platform that offers high-definition (HD) video. It offers both old and new cartoon shows, unlike SuperCartoons and other sites like it.

It’s like getting two things for the price of one, completely free of charge. The software is available on Google Play, allowing you to watch videos on the go. You may get more out of it by signing up for their premium membership. The homepage features advertisements, which are easy to miss on a desktop device. Once again, it’s a reasonable cost to incur for premium material. You may need to use a virtual private network (VPN) to access the website from where you are. If it seems too much of a hassle, try one of the other choices.

24. 9Anime


9Anime. offers one of the web’s most comprehensive TV series, movies, and animation databases. Hundreds of millions from around the globe call this website their home. The site offers a well-designed web layout in only two colors (purple and black). Their user interface is among the most refined of any streaming service. However, their value extends beyond a purely cosmetic one.

Hundreds of books from over 30 genres have been arranged on the site. You may always use the search function to find the program you want to watch. It takes little time for videos to load, but there may be a lot of commercial breaks. The advertisements open a new tab, but you can close it in under a second and return to your program. If you click the “Light off” button, the page will be stripped down to only the video.

25. Chia-Anime


Chia-Anime may need MasterAnime’s polish, but it offers much more content. You can access more shows, more internet tools, and high-definition material. Is there a drawback, then? There are more advertisements on the homepage, which is a drawback but not a deal breaker. Over 7 million users share this opinion. No matter where you are in the world, you can watch Chia-Anime.

The United States and the Philippines, two of the world’s most anime-obsessed nations, account for most of the site’s visitors. All the entertainment you could want for the rest of your life is provided since you may choose from various Asian dramas, manga, and anime soundtracks. The homepage showcases the most recent and newly released anime series, the site is exceptionally well-organized, and there are over twenty categories to pick from.

26. MasterAnime


MasterAnime has a great site, logo, and web design that is simple to use. The homepage features a sizable search box where you can enter the title you’re trying to find. Nothing extravagant, just keeping things basic. You can check out the site’s release schedule by clicking the convenient button in the page’s top left corner. MasterAnime’s inclusion of a random anime option is a wise decision. I was stumped for a show to watch. Allow the computer to make the call. Instead of spending hours navigating the web, you can use this.

The site also divides its shows into other sections, such as the most recently added, popular, and the show of the day. The site’s few advertisements are placed discreetly towards the page’s sides and footer to prevent accidental clicks on the banner. However, there are no advertisements or promotional banners on the homepage. MasterAnime is a fast-loading alternative to WatchCartoonOnline; it’s free, and there’s no obligation to sign up for an account or pay a premium subscription. Shows are also available in high definition.

27. Gogoanime


GogoAnime has been a go-to for millions of anime fans for years due to its user-friendly design and requirement-free platform. It provides unlimited access to thousands of hours of high-definition video for no cost. You can decrease the video’s resolution to make it load faster on days when your internet connection is slower. The videos can also be downloaded and viewed on a mobile device.

Gogoanime is one site that releases the newest episode quickly, which is why its popularity continues to rise. When you select anime from the menu bar, the site will provide an alphabetized list of available series. Selecting the New Season link will take you to the page where the most recent anime seasons have been posted. Hundreds of anime films are available here, spanning from the 1980s to the present day and covering a wide range of genres.

28. B98.TV


B98.TV, which sounds more like a radio or TV station than a website, has hundreds of episodes from the 1990s for you to watch. It’s loaded with enough nostalgia to please any child of the ’90s. Watch classic cartoons online in high definition and feel like a kid again. The website’s main page completes the effect with its retro color scheme and instantly recognizable emblem. The site has a solid retro feel, but the user experience needs to be updated.

No distracting adverts cluttered up the otherwise uncluttered main page—however, B98.TV stands out from the rest of the pack because pop-up ads do not interrupt video playback. Banner ads are strategically placed at the page’s top and middle, where their size makes it impossible for anyone to click on them. B98.TV takes a novel approach by grouping its shows according to production companies. However, the site does not feature the most recent cartoons, so if you search for a new series, you may need to look elsewhere.


These are the top 28 WatchCartoonOnline substitutes that can be found online. Some websites provide you the most recent cartoon shows, while others exclusively offer the classics. In light of this, you can search for a website that matches your tastes in anime. It’s possible that you will occasionally run upon mirrors of these websites that have been geo-blocked, so be prepared with your trusted VPN. Additionally, when you click on any video, there are advertisements and redirects. To stream anime safely, avoid downloading anything from dangerous URLs.


1. Where can I find free older cartoons to watch?

It’s simple to watch ancient cartoons for free. Online streaming services like CartoonCrazy, CartoonsOn, and ToonGet are some of the most well-liked choices.

2. Is the streaming service WatchCartoonOnline secure?

Yes, WatchCartoonOnline offers a secure way to stream anime. Since the website is free, it’s crucial that you stay away from the ads and pop-ups because they might lead you to a malicious website.

3. How lawful is WatchCartoonOnline?

Since it hosts copyrighted material, WatchCartoonOnline is prohibited in the majority of nations. Check your region’s streaming regulations before you begin watching anime on WatchCartoonOnline.

4. Which VPN offers the greatest anime watching experience?

When it comes to online anime streaming, there are several VPNs on the market that are dependable and flawless. Given that NordVPN has everything you could possibly need for a smooth online streaming experience, we can highly recommend it.

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