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We encourage individual bloggers and authors to contribute to the Leaving Dates blog and add valuable content. Original content that draws from your professional experiences and subject-matter expertise is welcomed.

Why Should You Guest Write on the MagaSoftware Blog?

For several reasons, guest posting is essential as a strategy for bloggers. It makes you more accessible to individuals who might not have previously come across you or your writing. If you write fascinating, captivating articles about topics they are interested in, they will click on your link and read more of your content.

Because you’ll receive a backlink to your website as a result of guest posting, your search engine ranking will also rise. Google and other search engines take this as a recommendation for your website. Experts claim that, in terms of SEO advantage, guest blogging outperforms posting on your website by a factor of six. Visit our Write For Us Digital Marketing.

Please review our guest writing guidelines before submitting any content.

Our email address is

Rules for Guest Posts:

  • We only permit guest blogs in the following niches:
  • Business, finance, insurance, and marketing.
  • Sales, accounting, lending, investment, and online shopping.
  • Financial planning, mutual funds, mortgages, and technology.

These are some general guidelines for guest authors:

  • Fresh, original, contemporary, and well-written content will be given consideration.
  • We vehemently oppose plagiarism.
  • Posts should be between 600 and 2000 words in length.
  • Please give the author credit.
  • With subheadings, the information should be divided into manageable pieces.

How to Write a Business Article for a Guest Post:

After meeting the prerequisites above, kindly submit the application form. Alternatively, you can send your article or post directly to

If we accept your application, someone from our team will contact you. Articles that don’t, in our judgment, follow the rules may be rejected by us. Also, we reserve the right to alter content to improve the reading experience as necessary.

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